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Tuition is $35.00 per session, after 4 weeks tuition will be $40.00.


Financial Aid

Magic Valley Youth Orchestra is pleased to be able to provide financial assistance to musicians who wish to participate and can demonstrate sufficient financial need. No student will be denied membership based on their financial need. The Financial Assistance form is available by request via email.



Magic Valley Youth Orchestra is committed to providing all members with the highest quality musical and educational experience possible and requires a commitment from all members and their families. The very nature of the orchestral experience requires that all members are present to rehearse together. Attendance is not only based on an individual’s ability and experience but has an effect on the whole ensemble. Each musician depends on and responds to the musical sounds created as a whole. Please make every effort to attend.

Absence Policy

Please report all absences, late arrivals and early departures by email  at


The administrative and musical staff recognize that members may occasionally have other obligations or unexpected conflicts on Saturday mornings; however, we firmly believe it is detrimental to the educational experience of MVYO to have different members missing each week. Whenever possible, members should avoid consecutive absences.


Planned absences should be kept to a minimum to allow for unexpected conflicts. Members are encouraged to work as a family at the beginning of the year to set priorities regarding extracurricular activities, college visits, school music activities and scheduling required college exams. This is possible with some effort and advance planning. For example, members may consider waiting to take the ACT or SAT until another concert cycle if they already have too many other conflicts. These tests are scheduled multiple times throughout the year and in different locations. For those with conflicts, conductors request you attend any part of the rehearsal you are able. It is better to attend some of a rehearsal than none.



· Perform concerts only with the conductor’s permission

· May be required to demonstrate their knowledge of the music



It is disruptive to have members arriving late, missing tuning, and arranging seating. All members should arrive 15 MINUTES before their rehearsal starting time. At starting time, members should be checked in, in their seat with music ready, warmed up and ready to tune and focus. Members are expected to be in place on time after scheduled breaks.





Magic Valley Youth Orchestra uses our website and email as its primary means of communicating with musicians and their parents and guardians. If you do not have email access please talk to us specifically so we can make other arrangements to contact you.


Cell Phones

Anyone who uses a cell phone in rehearsal will be asked to leave their cell phone with the conductor or coach until the end of rehearsal. Phones should be turned off so as to not interrupt the rehearsal. No texting is allowed!


Inclement Weather

If rehearsals need to be cancelled due to severe weather conditions, we will email all families. Families without email will be called directly. Regardless of the decision or contact from Magic Valley Youth Orchestra every family must make their own personal decision based on their local road conditions and the safety issues involved. If you choose not to come to rehearsal due to poor road conditions, please report your absence online. A weather-related absence will be considered excused.


School Participation Policy

Members of Magic Valley Youth Orchestra are expected to play an important part in building meaningful music programs in their own schools and communities by participating in their school orchestra and/or band and/or choir programs. We serve as an extension of our fine school programs and are proud to support and collaborate with area teachers.


Code of Conduct

Participation in Magic Valley Youth Orchestra is a privilege shared by all members. Members are expected to arrive at rehearsal on time with all music and materials (please do not rely on your stand partner – they may be unexpectedly absent). It is our expectation that students will respect their conductors, coaches, section leaders, and fellow orchestra members, as well as the property of all rehearsal and performance facilities.


If you any problems arise with bullying,  please contact us in person or by email




Magic Valley Youth Orchestra performs one concert each session. Fall concert is held the first Saturday of November and Winter concert is performed the second Saturday in March.

Concerts begin at 3:00 pm at the CSI Fine Arts Auditorium and are open to the public. Donations are accepted at the door.

Magic Valley Youth Orchestra Concert Dress

In an orchestra, musicians are members of a team, the focus should be on the ensemble as a unified group and the music being performed. Bare arms, legs and ankles under bright stage lights are distracting. In addition, audience is seated lower than the musicians seated on stage so skirts must be below knees when seated. Please observe the following:



  • black dress with sleeves and skirt below knees when seated.

  • Black top with sleeves and black dress pants are also appropriate

  • Black nylons, tights, or socks.

  • Black shoes

  • Your usual hair color


  • black suit or pants

  • white shirt

  • black bow tie

  • black socks

  • black shoes

  • Your usual hair color



Parents are welcome to take a video of the concerts as long as they do not disturb other audience members.


Advertising in Concert Programs

Parents, guardians, businesses, family and friends can help support the Magic Valley Youth Orchestra program by purchasing ads in the Fall or Spring program book. Advertise your place of business or purchase a congratulatory ad for your child! Please contact us online or by email. Forms will be available to all parents at least one month prior to the concert date.

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