Music Assessments


All string musicians are requested to arrange for music assessments for each Fall Session. Music assessments for Winter Session will be held for new members and previous members wishing to join a different ensemble. Music assessments are not auditions. They are a no stress opportunity for all musicians to:

  • enjoy playing beautiful and challenging music,

  • gain more confidence

  • improve their skill as a musician

  • receive music for the most applicable orchestra/ensemble and section

  • begin each session with the best possible experience

Music assessments will be held:

Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass:

TBA September 2021

Fine Arts Center at College of Southern Idaho



If you cannot schedule on this day please contact us at Musicians auditioning for Chamber will participate in music assessments at the time of auditions. 

The scales and excerpts for each orchestra are linked on the buttons below. Typically musicians participate in two ensembles. Please download, print and prepare all those that apply.​

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Music Assessment Excerpts

Chamber Ensemble Audition


Musicians interested in Chamber Ensemble will be asked to play the following:

  • One three-octave scale of your choice.

  • A 2-3 minute excerpt from your solo literature. (Does not need to be memorized. No accompaniments.)

  • Sight-read an excerpt provided at the audition.

Acceptance into Chamber is for Fall and Winter Sessions unless other arrangements are made.

Auditions Chamber Ensemble will be announced in August 2021. For more information please email us.

Please come prepared to play the material for the Music Assessment for the full orchestra.

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